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A first for the Irish Market - Royal London, Life-Change Options!


Having your cake and eating it!

I remember fondly, a dear departed friend of mine in the Life Assurance Industry once describe a particular life policy as “the closest thing to having your cake and eating it..” and treating his ascertion with some degree of scepticism! That was over twenty years ago and I’ve witnessed many changes in our industry since but none have impressed me more than Royal London’s most recent addition to the Irish Market.

There is nothing new about Guaranteed Whole of Life Cover as it’s been around in Ireland for about ten years now. This is where you pay a premium and there is a guaranteed payout on death as long as you keep paying. The downside is obvious; if you stop paying, your cover simply “disappears”! 

What is new from Royal London is the option to cease premiums but still keep some of your life cover or indeed get a refund of some of the money you have paid in.

Read on to find out more....

“This option allows you to stop your premium payments in the future and not lose all of the benefit provided by your policy. You choose this option when you first take out your policy. It costs an extra 10% on your premium and gives you a safety net if your circumstances change later on. With this option if you stop paying your premium after having had your policy for at least 15 years, you will have two choices available to you.


1. Protected Cover: You can choose to have a lower amount paid out when you die. OR

2. Protected Cashback: You can choose to take an immediate cashback amount and end the policy.

After 15 years, the longer you continue to pay premiums before stopping, the higher the Protected Cover and Protected Cashback amounts will be. Without this option selected, if you stopped payments before you die your policy ends and nothing is paid out. However, if you include this option but stop paying your premiums before 15 years have passed then the policy would end and nothing would be paid out.

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